Honourable request from the Princess of the Orient
April 30, 2007, 2:43 pm
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she says “i still think this blog needs to be bi-lingual”. I say “i’ll think about it, but my portuguese is far better than my english and there are already more blogs written in english than any american princess of the orient can read during her life”. Unless you want to translate it, or become another user of my blog.

É um facto, tenho andado a pensar nesta gente que não fala português mas que, noutras línguas, faz parte da minha vida.


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i think that part in portuguese was something nationalistic like “viva portugal the motherland will love on forever!”

by the way, did you hear that in some universities these days Portuguese is part of Brazilian studies? revolutionary thinkers indeed!

mai kedas, servisu fatin ladun interese, ema nebe haruka malu email la iha. ohin feriadu, maibe xefe husu hau tuir encontru iha tuku 8!!! Agora dadauk hakerek proposta barak. servisu barak demais – enjoy freedom in portugal :)

oh by the way, i got my new Nikon D80 and was playing with it in Ubud rice fields over the weekend. it is fantastic! im trying to plan a trip to Suai on weekend of May 20 (we have monday 21 off as holiday). want to come? or if you dont can i at least post my award-winning pictures on the blog?

Comment by Angela

actually, my English isn’t that good either – it should have said “live on forever” not “love on forever”. unless i’m embracing the days of woodstock (wasnt that back when you were born??)

bacio barak-
princess of the orient

Comment by Angela

miting tuku 8 iha loron feriadu?? Ai pá!

Comment by mmux

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