games at tibar
June 4, 2007, 10:39 am

jogo dos doces

incrições para os jogos

jogo da corda

saltos no ar

congratulations to my friend vale who organised a very cool afternoon for the kids at Tibar. and for us. and for my camera. thanks. the teacher said these activities were very welcome. the others seemed to agree. it is a relief to see so many people laughing.


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absolutely amazing photos. really cute! bravo vale for such a success :)

Comment by Angela

As I have been threatened to lose all the portuguese friends I have unless I express in this space how grateful I am for Nuno’s words… well thanks a lot for these words, but thank you especially for having come along, it has been really nice to have you all around during this experiment and I’m happy it worked out so well…now I really want to finish the sitrep and go home… but please don’t stop talking to me…pleeeeeaaase!

Comment by vale

Muito boas fotos!
Cheias de cor e de alegria!

Comment by T.

Estão como sempre, bem retratadas, com uma noção de tempo que só tu sabes dar com essas cores e fundos, expressões de segundos que perduram para sempre. Espero ver este trabalho pendurado em paredes brancas a ser apreciado, como um retrato do teu dia a dia.

Abraços amigo

Comment by Bruno

Só posso concordar com o Bruno…Obrigada pela partilha!

Comment by Manuela Magno

bem, resta-me agradecer.

Comment by mmux

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