Oecusse Festival Getting there!
June 7, 2007, 4:27 am

(tradução para português nos comentários a este post)

For those arriving by sailing vessel:- at least three weeks prior to arrival a list of vessels and crew details should be lodged with the sailing organizers to be forwarded to East Timor Immigration so that a 72 hour transit visa can be issued on arrival that will not interfere with Indonesia visa/sailing permits.

oecusse beach

Oecussi is around 80 nautical miles from Dili and 75 nautical miles from Kupang. The dominate wind in July /August is southeasterly but you will need to be a little offshore to take full advantage of it. The place on the main beach in Oecussi’s where tenders can be tied is 9 degrees 11.941 minutes South and 124 degrees 22.104 minutes East. This not the place to anchor, you will need to stay about 100 metres NNW of this point. There are no offshore obstacles when approaching the beach and it is easily recognizable by the ferry landing ramp and terminal buildings at the western end. There is also a white World Food Program store slightly to the east of the ramp, then a line of coconut trees along the length of the beach finishing at the eastern end with a bamboo beach bar beside a partly constructed church, with a large white statue of the Lady Mary that can be seen well offshore.

the chiefs

The central / western end of the beach is the best area for anchoring. The shallow water runs out 50 to 70 metres before sloping away quickly to a depth of 10 metres. The depth then gradually increases for another 200 metres before sloping away again. The sand holding bottom is good and the 800 MT ferry “Nakroma” has little problem anchoring close to shore even with an onshore wind. The breeze in July / August is predominately offshore and not strong in the lee of the mountains. Anchoring is possible along the entire beach and the beach to the west of the town but there are isolated pockets of rock and coral that could foul an anchor.

For more details about Oecussi contact Richard Mounsey (email: Mobile +670 7335766) For details on approaches to Oecussi contact RAN Hydrographic Service at Garden Island Switch on + 61 2 93599111


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I’m trying to get in contact with Richard Mounsey, I tried the cell # provided but it seems to be out of service. Richard if you could please e-mail

Comment by jduval are you remember me? i’m capt of nakroma. When you will write about crew nakroma? Thank’s

Comment by Captain Kuseno

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