The Oecussi Festival
June 7, 2007, 4:36 am

(tradução para português nos comentários a este post)

The Oecussi Festival runs from 1-12 August with the main events hosted over the weekend of 3-5 August 2007 and culminating on Oecussi Day being 11 August.

waiting for the right tide

During this weekend (3rd – 5thAugust 2007) the main beach boulevard will be transformed into an array of art and craft markets with accompanying beach competitions, water sports, open air restaurants, traditional ceremonies, costumes, dancing and singing, nightly bonfires, fireworks and of course rock bands playing into the early hours of the morning.

In the days surrounding the main weekend local teams will engage in soccer, volleyball and basketball knock out competitions, traditional pony racing will be held at the track close to town, traditional products will be on displayed and available for purchase, and a flag raising ceremony will take place on 11 August to officially recognise Oecussi Day.


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Ja nao se enquadra na minha Piramide de Maslow.

Comment by T.

Yup, they let you know what Oecussi is

Comment by Regio da Cruz Salu

Estou a fazer trabalho de campo em Timor-Leste para estudar a sua música tradicional. Estava a tentar perceber qual a melhor altura para ir ao enclave e eis que dou com o seu blogue. Obrigada pela informação e pelas belas fotos.
Agradeço qualquer informação que me ajude no meu trabalho!

Comment by Manuela Magno

[…] is straight from where you can find more details on what’s happening and how to get there etc. […]

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Vamos tentar aparecer! Mas só se ofereceres o jantar..ahah

Comment by a2mar & nandinha

as carteiristas podem cá vir à vontade que eu pago a janta. lagosta!

Comment by mmux

Manuela, oecusse tem realmente algumas particularidades musicais. Em algumas aldeias, como cutete, que fiquem em zonas muito montanhosas usam-se uma espécie de flautas de bambu para comunicar. É muito interessante.

Comment by mmux

very interesting.
i’m adding in RSS Reader

Comment by music

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