Oecusse festival – ferry on friday
July 24, 2007, 5:27 am

Please be informed that the main weekend for the Oecussi Festival is August 11-12.

Anyone interested in coming to the festival from Dili on this weekend and willing to travel to Oecussi on the ferry “Nakaroma” on Friday evening or possibly Saturday morning, returning Sunday evening, please let mmux know ASAP.

Someone needs to have an indication of the number of people willing to use the ferry before the Oecussi Administration approaches the government to reschedule or charter the “Nakroma” for the festival.

All UN staff will need to follow normal UN security and movement of personnel clearance procedures before traveling (by any means) to Oecussi.  Accommodations in Oecussi are limited; however, many international staff renting houses in Oecussi are willing to host colleagues arriving from Dili, if advance arrangements are made.  

Oecussi is considered a low security risk environment and has a lot to offer tourists.  The festival will be a celebration of traditional culture and sport, mixed with modern music and dance


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a q horas s’apanha o barco?

Comment by a2mar

ao fim do dia

Comment by mmux

fine oecusse picture

Comment by Florinda da Rosa

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