December 2, 2008, 5:25 pm
Filed under: Miami, UNITED STATES

“estes lençóis são mesmo porreiros”. dormir. “e as almofadas”. aconchegar o pescoço, dormir. “será que se pedir aos gajos para lhes comprar uns eles os vendem”. dormir. dormir – BBBIUUUUUU, BBBIUUUUUU, BBBIUUUUUU – MAY WE HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE – THE ALARM THAT HAS BEEN ACTIVATED IS BEING INVESTIGATED BY THE FIRE DEPARTMENT – PLEASE STAND BY FOR FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS. “nãããooo”. e repete-se o aviso por mais de uma hora “no further instructions, vou dormir mais um bocadinho”. BBBIUUUUUU, BBBIUUUUUU, BBBIUUUUUU. “américas, pfff”. banhinho, descer as malas e check in. BBBIUUUUUU, BBBIUUUUUU, BBBIUUUUUU – this will never stop? – well, they take their time, sir – don’t sir me, it is too early.

BBBIUUUUUU, BBBIUUUUUU, BBBIUUUUUU a andar pelo aeroporto, D43, D43. “qual era a porta?” “ah, D43”. “parece um filme, acordam cheios de força os américas” – g’morning, may i have a croissant and a caffe latte please – sure, un croissante y un caféééé con lé-tche, por fá-vor, it’s 5 dollares sixty please – gracias “não há anglófonos, estranha américa”. “acordam bem dispostos, olha este, levantou-se para fazer de ases pelos ares”.

“acabou-se o BBBIUUUUUU, BBBIUUUUUU, BBBIUUUUUU. fixe” D43, D43 – take off your shoes, sir! – ok, but don’t sir me – go into this round machine, put your feet on the yellow marks and raise your arms, sir “whatever” – now put your feet on the green marks and your arms lowered to your chest, like this, sir. – is this bag yours, sir? – yes “ahhh, descobriram que vinha da bolívia” “isto vai demorar” – yes sir – no sir – seating here? – nooo sir – for work sir – you may go “bffff”.

Thoughts on democracy “bem feito. quadros porreiros neste corredor”. Freedom of Want. Freedom of Faith. Freedom of Speech. – sir, is there any place where I can smoke a cigarrette? – well, there’s one between gate 40 and gate 42, they closed it and then, I don’t know why, it should be forbidden, they oppened it again – sir, what about this corridor full of thoughts on democracy, some of them say free of want… – it should be forbidden. “whatever”.

– is the flight full? – totally. “great”. “vou escrever um post”. – may I have a croissant, please.


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